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Today I resigned as the Board president of the Station Square Inn Apartments. My family is quickly outgrowing our unit and we agreed to sell it. As a consequence in a couple of weeks I will no longer be a shareholder. George Hoban is the new Board president, Jonathan Bencosme is the new vice-president and James Ng is the new Board member.

I moved into SSIA on June 1, 1998 and whether I was a renter, shareholder, Board member or Board president I was always proud to claim this address as my home. Our co-op is the very heart of our community and without it there are no Forest Hills Gardens, rather there would be Forest Hills Estates. Beyond our community, with concert series next door in recent years, people outside our community got to know our buildings and expressed appreciation for them as well.

I want to thank my fellow Board members, building manager and building staff for their commitment, time and effort put into making our living circumstances better. We managed to make numerous improvements and I also know some remain ahead of us. There is little doubt in my mind that the Board, manager and staff will implement those outstanding improvements as well and make this an even better place to call home.

Over the years a great number of shareholders and renters contacted me on various occasions interested in many aspects of our co-op affairs. I thank all of you for your interest and for patience with obtaining answers - I tried to be as helpful as possible.

I will always be very proud about having lived in Station Square Inn Apartments and grateful for having the honor to represent it. Again, I thank you all and wish you all the best.


Damir Galzina

6/4/2018 - Water Off 

Due to water main work we have received notice that we will not have water at night for the next three evenings. Please plan accordingly   

5/25/18 - Concert 

In an outreach to our co-op the concert promoter has set up a special ticket pool for concerts at the Forest Hills Stadium.

For the opening night show, Belle and Sebastian, we have been allotted 20 tickets (and possibly more). If you are interested in obtaining tickets, please, email us at or sign up for updates about upcoming shows and other co-op events on our website.


For the list of 2018 concerts, please, visit