5/25/18 - concert

In an outreach to our co-op the concert promoter has set up a special ticket pool for concerts at the Forest Hills Stadium.

For the opening night show, Belle and Sebastian, we have been allotted 20 tickets (and possibly more). If you are interested in obtaining tickets, please, email us at StationSquareInnApartments@Gmail.com or sign up for updates about upcoming shows and other co-op events on our website.

For the list of 2018 concerts, please, visit http://foresthillsstadium.com/events/.

September 20 2015

A great thanks to all who contributed to, helped organize, and shopped at our first annual yard sale. We hope to make this an annual tradition and are grateful to the entire community at large. Check out the amazing video shot by our own neighbor and camera man Jesse Cowell.


T-Shirts For Sale

If you would like to contribute and look great at the same time consider buying one of our buildings T-Shirts. The shirts as modeled by our volunteers in the video above are available for only 10 dollars and come in two colors, navy blue with our logo in yellow, or black with our building logo in orange, as well as a variety of sizes. Email us at StationSquareInn@gmail.com if you would like to purchase one. 


August 3 2015

In order to better facilitate assistance in case of emergency we are asking that all shareholders register their cell phone numbers or their designated contact person's number with our management agent Ms. Ferrelli. The designated contact person should be in relative proximity to our building and in possession of spare keys if a shareholder has not yet left a spare key with out superintendent, Danny Dominguez. The Co-op will not be responsible for damages that are incurred as a result of the Co-ops inability to gain access to a shareholders apartment.


Thank you.


June 15 2015 

There have been numerous instances of the front door at 1 Station Square being left open. With the recent report of the break-ins at the tennis club, and some of our residents reporting missing packages, its imperative we remain cognizant of our surroundings. Remember to only let in neighbors we recognize and report any unusual activities.  Lets work together to keep our building safe and secure.

Forest Hills Inn